Radiating Summer Beauty

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Oh sweet, sweet summertime, how we adore the bounty of fun and adventure you bring. It's a
a season filled with campfires, outdoor exploration, ocean swims, and the best of our wardrobe.
With all this splendor its no wonder humans tend to lose sight of the implications their actions
hold on the environment. We've grown accustomed to abundance and continue to expect it every year without repercussions, but for the sake of summer, we must remember to replenish. Many of the things that make this season so wonderful and anticipated depend primarily on the
cooperation of nature, so it's vital to ensure that well be able to continue enjoying for years to
come. Small tokens of generosity and kindness can make a huge impact when we all pitch in and
acknowledge that summer isn't sustainable without our positive influence. Regardless of what
your favorite warm-weather activity is, there's plenty of ways to show the earth some love while
you're doing it.

Fishing, and boating, and swimming, oh my! There's something for everyone to enjoy whether
you're partial to lakes, ponds, or oceans. The Earth grants us access to these beautiful liquid
landscapes for pure pleasure, so it seems only fair that we do our part of maintaining their
majesty. The hard truth of it is that no matter what jives with you, it all takes a toll on the
environment if we arent conscious of our actions. Some activities are harsher on bodies of water
than others, and it's important to recognize when they're being taken too far. However,
sometimes these actions are out of our control and require higher courses of action to make a
significant change, such as in commercial fishing. Focusing on the individual power we have to
control is the start of making our summer choices eco-friendly, and ultimately altering the
mindsets of others. It can be as simple as keeping waste out of the water when indulging in a
refreshing dip, regardless of whether you put it there or not. Acknowledge that not everyone is
going to be on board with an environmentally friendly approach to water sports, but you still can
be with the hopes of proving how easy it is to keep things clean. Fishing can be an excellent,
eco-friendly way to experience the great outdoors while possibly providing dinner. However, it’s
important to respect the role fish play in their given ecosystem and preserve the integrity of their
habitat. Quality gear and general knowledge of the fish population can reduce the incidence of
by-catch and save other marine species from being unintentionally harmed. Boats are a blast
during the summertime, but using them responsibly means knowing the impacts they have on

aquatic habitats. The mixture of sediment and increased algae growth due to gas-powered
machines create a disturbance for local ecosystems that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not to imply
that boating is all bad, but maybe sometimes let the boat rest and take the kayak or paddleboard
for a spin instead.

What’s a summer without s’mores, tents, and late-night campfires? Camping truly connects us to
the natural world and instills a sense of oneness with every living thing. Sadly, many camping
spots aren’t left how they were found, leading to the degradation of the landscape and the local
critters over time. The next time you’re planning a trip think twice about how the choices you
make will affect the habitat you’re visiting. This extra step will ensure that for years to come
you’ll still be able to enjoy the natural beauty of your favorite camping spot. Carefully plan out
the meals you intend to have on your trip and ensure that extra packaging and waste is
minimized. Pack enough trash bags for the duration of your trip and keep recyclables in a
separate bag. If there’s no place for your garbage, bring it out with you. It’s common to not think
twice about brushing your teeth or using soap freely in nature, but those compounds can have a
negative impact on the environment and take extra time to degrade. Choose biodegradable
options and make sure to keep it away from water sources to minimize your footprint and leave
the land pristine. As part of the ‘leave no trace’ mentality, extend that ambition to any pollution
you come across, even if it wasn’t your own. Do your part to make sure future generations will
be singing ‘Kumbaya’ around a campfire for years to come.

When it comes to fresh, seasonal summertime foods, mother nature delivers only the best.
Supporting your neighborhood farmers by investing in their bounty of produce will boost the
local economy while providing you peace of mind regarding the origin of your food. Do some
research to locate a nearby farmers market and make it part of your weekly routine to replenish
your home with healthy foods. Another option is to plant your own garden and bask in your
ability to sustain a household with produce from your backyard. When you’re in a pinch and
need to visit the grocery store, try to purchase all seasonal fruits and vegetables. If you love a
good barbeque, investigate ways to go green while doing so. Start with your choice of protein

and make sure to support local farmers by purchasing sustainable, organic meats. Concerning
grilling, there are many options available to lessen the negative atmospheric impacts. Green
lump coal, dome grills, and eco-friendly grill kits are among several opportunities to be searched.
Delight in the finer things this summer, feeling right about where your food is coming from and
how it’s being prepared.

Stepping away from your regular path and following a trail through the woods brings a plethora
of mental and physical health benefits. Hiking allows us to become fully submerged in all nature
has to offer while taking us away from the hustle of the day-to-day grind. When you journey into
the woods, it’s wise to remember that you’re a guest in the home of many different species of
wildlife. These animal habitats should be respected and appreciated in the same manner you’d
expect your dwelling to be treated. This includes taking any actions you can to encourage saving
our forests and maintaining their brilliance. The next time you find yourself at the top of a
mountain looking back on what you’ve just accomplished, bring some gratitude not only to
yourself but also to the landscape you’re able to witness. Rapid rates of deforestation destroy this
kind of scenery, leading to a bitter-ended hiking experience. Embrace and extend the life of these
natural habitats by leaving things as you found them and making sure there’s no trace of you left
on the trail. Let wildlife exist uninterrupted by leaving all species alone and using biodegradable
products when necessary. Regard hiking as a privilege to be taken seriously and you’ll be saying
‘happy trails’ for a long time.

Every season calls for a different wardrobe, and many times, we’re ready to say goodbye to last
years fashion and bring in some new threads. If you’re looking to update your summer clothing
selection, consider exploring earth-friendly fashion choices that make you feel confident inside
and out. There’s an abundance of businesses geared towards reducing waste in clothing material
and empowering humans with their clothing choices. Another way to revamp your wardrobe
without wasting money or resources is to consign your clothes and trade them for other pre-loved
garments. Women have the luxury of indulging in companies such as Planties, who offer
subscription lingerie with an environmental incentive. Any underwear purchased leads to a

newly planted tree and a boost in the mission to save our forests. Whatever your summer style
looks like, implementing eco-friendly garments will empower you to extend humanitarian aid to
other realms of life while looking fantastic doing it.

It’s no secret that Mother Earth truly outdid herself when she created beaches. However, these
areas are living proof that some of the most beautiful landscapes are the most fragile. A beach
without sand doesn’t sound nearly as appealing, but erosion is a reality we’ll face if human
interference continues. One of the primary causes of erosion is people treading on sand dunes
and destroying nature’s barrier. Remember to respect natural vegetation, including shells, and let
the dunes do their job of protecting the coastline. This may seem obvious, but don’t leave your
trash behind and pick up any that you stumble upon. This may mean that you have to chase your
empty chip bag down the beach when it blows away, but maybe next time remember that
mortifying experience and secure any garbage away. This goes for pets as well, bringing your
dog to the beach sounds like a blast, but walking through his poop later doesn’t. Also, pet waste
becomes a bacterial pollutant that’s detrimental to its surroundings. Saving our planet occurs
when we address each unique landform individually and take serious action to reduce human
impact. Beaches are highly complex ecosystems that deserve a far more delicate approach than
we currently display. Take any effort you can to preserve these natural treasures and keep them
usable and clean for future generations.

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