Planties is an online retail and subscription company for undies.
We send you select, seasonal underwear every month that will keep you falling in love every time you get your personalized pack.
Here at Planties, we believe that we can do more good than harm in this world, so we  do the most we can to protect our environment.
Our community is on a mission that donates to conservation and reforestation organizations.
With every purchase, we plant a tree in efforts to fight deforestation and add a little more green back into the world.
We know you are a busy adventurer, which is why we send 1-2 styles straight to your door for only $13.00 (1 pair) or $18 (2 pairs) per month!
Get your Planties, and radiate good vibes while giving back to our environment!
Don’t forget to post a picture on Instagram and use our hashtag #plantsnotpants .