Planties was founded to help women acquire fresh, fashionable and eco-friendly underwear and, at the same time, preserve the integrity of our planet

At Planties, our endeavor is to raise the hope and confidence of our community by rebuilding
forests and by taking steps to create a better earth. We base our business practices on the love for our planet and know that our ecological efforts will be a catalyst for growth for future generations.

So we dreamed big

We started by creating delightfully comfortable underwear and shipping it to your door in a tiny box. Now thousands of Plantie customers later our mission has grown.

We’re here to nurture the world
for a better future.

We are setting a new standard In Underwear Innovation

Our design innovation experts at Planties spend their waking hour studying comfy eco friendly materials creating undies to perfectly hug our customers hips. We choose to nurture and love our surroundings through passion, appreciation, and giving back to our community.

We’re as obsessed with service as we are with helping the world.

Underwear shopping should be as easy as slipping into your favorite undies. Whether it's our friendly and kind customer service experience team or helping you become a more sustainable person, our team is here to help you make the best decisions.

At the end of the day, we are alittle sappy

Seriously, We plant a tree for every purchase. We believe that improving our forests also means improving our communities and our impact on the planet.